Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I go out walkin' after midnight

Now that Malcolm is free from quarantine and allowed to go off base, we've been able to change it up on our walks! And change it up we have!

Saturday morning, we went on our first family grocery walk to a Japanese grocery store. We did that most weeks in DC after getting Malcolm, so it was great to get back out there! This, however, was probably our best grocery walk to date, because we first stopped at Zushi Beach and got an amazing view of Mount Fuji!


Walking buddies

It was a spectacular site and I am looking forward to many more walks to Zushi Beach, especially in warmer weather. The sky won't always be this clear, but it will be amazing when it is! We actually had to walk a little down the beach to get Fuji-san to appear from behind the cliffs and it was worth it.

Malcolm made himself comfortable on the beach. Just wait until the sand is warmer, buddy!
On our way home, we learned that the sign for "Can I pet your dog?" is indeed international, even if we don't understand the words. Malcolm was distracted by the fragrant fish market we were stopped near, but I'm sure he still enjoyed the attention.

Tuesday morning, our family walk took us up in the Ikego campground. It's just outside the base gate, so we've been looking forward to this for awhile. There are beautiful bluffs and bamboo forests and we are excited to explore it more. This time we discovered some yagura or hill tombs carved throughout the area 500-900 years ago.

Round trip for both of these walks is only about 4 miles, so we can definitely do them more!

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Giggles said...

There are probably a lot of international unofficial sign language things like that. "Can I take your picture?" seems to be one as well.