Thursday, February 23, 2012

Girl, look at that body - I work out!

Yesterday marked one year since I started working out every single day, except Sundays, and I have yet to miss a work out. I've actually scheduled this to post while I'm out running on a beautiful 60 degree day, because I actually run now, and not just the half jog/half walk nonsense I did a few years ago, but actual running. Very slow running.

Now, I haven't hit the numbers goals I wanted to hit by now as far as weight and body composition goes, but I'm making amazing strides in that direction. People are noticing, I'm noticing, and I look good! 

My endurance, strength, flexibility, weight, diet, size, mood, and energy have all increased (or decreased) dramatically. I feel better. I look better. I am better. And I have no intention of stopping anytime soon!

This year, I plan to continue my routine but have started training for some specific activities. I'm working up to a 5K, again, but this time for real. 10K is next. I have some races I'm eyeing to motivate me even more. Then, this September, I'm registered to run a Tough Mudder - 10-12 miles, 30 obstacles. Marines do this for fun. I honestly cannot wait. Except that I can, because I'm not ready. But I will be!

I won't be sharing my self-portrait-bathroom mirror-workout-clothes before and afters, but I did have some recent photos taken in normal clothes that I'm rather pleased with. They were for my guest post at The Little Big about being a thrifty fashionista, which I highly recommend checking out.

The green dress? Totally a size small. And not even the only one I own. I know I posted about sizes not mattering, and they really don't, but I still get some satisfaction from going down in a dress size or two!

Anyone want to race with me in DC? What are your fitness goals this year?


Jasmine said...

You look amazing! Way to stick to your goals.

Come run the Disneyland 1/2 marathon with me in September!!! (or you could do the 5K if you're not feeling up to the 1/2...)

Giggles said...

I love that you mentioned mood and energy. Brett frequently tells me to exercise because he knows I'm happier and more relaxed when I do.

Jane said...

There's my favorite green dress! Looking good, and looking like you feel good. Congrats! I'll be happy to 5k and 10k with you, just let me know when and where.

AmandaStretch said...

Jasmine - I was actually considering it, but it's sold out! Boo!!

Jane - Done and done! Thanks!

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

you are awesome!!!!! I'm very impressed.

Emily said...

I think it's funny that you used that title for this post when you theoretically hate LMFAO :P