Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall is here, hear the yell, back to school, ring the bell

You may have noticed that I've been awfully quiet around here. Even my regular Sunday posts haven't been so regular. There is a perfectly good reason for that - I'm back in school, pursuing a Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in [Insert Working Title Here] at George Mason University.

Essentially, I'm studying Musicology. And yes, that means I'm studying the study of music. I'm about a month in to this degree, and I'm absolutely loving it!

It came as a bit of a surprise. Way back in January, I started feeling like I needed to explore other options regarding either my career or education. Eventually, it basically came down to going back to school for a teaching certificate or going back for a music degree. There were even two or three variations of either of those options, and I consulted several people about the direction I should go.

Finally, I decided on the MAIS degree program at Mason. With the help of the graduate director in the school of music, we could create a program of study that was most in line with my career goals - to be an academic music librarian. I'll take classes like music history and ethnomusicology and skip all the performance based classes of an official music degree, which means I'll get done a LOT faster.

It felt like the perfect option. I applied. And I waited. And waited some more. And almost waited so long that I'd all but forgotten the very real possibility I'd be in school again this fall.

Then, on a Saturday two weeks before fall semester started, I got an acceptance letter! Over the next two weeks, I had to figure out which classes I was taking, arrange financial aid, quit my part-time job, rearrange my full-time schedule, buy books, and so on. It was a bit maddening. Of course, when classes started, I had this totally new, rather overwhelming new schedule to get used to. Yes, I know how to be in school, but I had to remind myself of those skills. Additionally, I actually attend classes in person this time, unlike my last degree which was entirely online.

I feel nothing short of crazy. Full-time job. 9 credit hours. Gym. Church. And everything in between! (You know, like a social life?)

I'm making it work, and it's slowly becoming more manageable as I get into my groove. I really do love my classes and it's kind of fun getting to know another college campus. Of course, I'm already looking forward to being done, but at least I know I'll enjoy it along the way.

I hope I'll find snippets of time for blogging here and there. I have plenty to talk about with this new chapter in my life, but not so much plenty of time to do anything but live it. In the meantime, don't miss me too much! 


LeAnn said...

Welcome back! I have a daughter that is looking into going back to school for a music degree. I don't know if she will have the opportunity because she is married and has children. I think it would be awesome to hear from you on what is going on in your music classes and your life.

Giggles said...

Every semester I have to refigure out how my schedule works. Sometimes I think it would be nice to know how to plan things more than four months in advance.