Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You say goodbye, I say hello

Oh hi there!

It's been awhile.

Sad, I know.

Sorry about that.

I've just been busying adventuring and working and not blogging about any of it. I'm also job hunting, so after spending my few evenings at home editing cover letters and resumes all about myself, I feel like I've done enough "Look at me! Look at me!" for the day.

Fortunately, I have been taking pictures of some of my goings on.

I finally saw the cherry blossoms.

I even had company!
We also saw the terra cotta warriors at the National Geographic museum.

I spent Easter and Conference Weekend with one of the coolest families I know.

These kids are just precious.

I learned how to do my hair and make-up pin-up/rockabilly style.

Then showed it off at the DC Lindy Exchange with Miss Apple.

I've played really great moves on Words With Friends.

I dyed part of my hair black cherry.

And I love my life!


Belle of the Blues said...

Not to mention getting ready for an upcoming exciting! I miss you, I love all the photos you posted, and I'm hoping we can hang out after both of our travels are over. Sound good? *Smooch*

AmandaStretch said...

Yes, please! *smooches* back!