Thursday, December 11, 2008

Question existing

When you sneezes, someone else (if they are polite) will say "Bless you", "Gesundheit", etc.

[Side note: In Spanish, the proper response to the first sneeze is "Salud"("Health"), the second - "Dinero"("Money"), and the third - "Amor" ("Love"). My freshman year of BYU boyfriend would always respond to my sneezes in Spanish, and would teasingly get mad when I only sneezed twice.]

If you cough, you, generally, say "Pardon me".

What about when you hiccup? Why isn't there a proper response to that? Instead, when you hiccup, everyone just looks at you like you're insane. The looks get worse the louder or more often you hiccup. It's just uncomfortable for everyone, but the poor victim of the hiccups gets increasingly embarassed and all the other people just get annoyed. That's weird.

Secondly, I'm all for saving the planet and using reusable lunch containers. Also, I love pandas.

These are great - insulated, reusable, unfold into a placemat (also great for cleaning).

But I think the tiger looks mad, the bunny sick, and the panda sad.

Oh, and the placemat looks like a diaper. Who wants eat their lunch out something that resembles a diaper?

Just some "What's up with that?" moments I've had tonight.


Giggles said...

I usually burp at the same time I hiccup, so I say "excuse me."

Beyond that, I don't know.

Giggles said...

Also, why do people wish you health when you sneeze, which is a sign of illness, but not when you cough, which is also a sign of illness?

Nancy said...

I second what Giggles says, except I say "excuse me" even if I hiccup without burping.

And wow--those lunch boxes do look like diapers! :) Hee, hee.

emily said...

I believe the excuse me thing is an appropriate response in some cases, but seeing as my hiccup experiences are the inspiration for this post I fully agree that there should be a better response. I get massive, loud, painful hiccups that sometimes last for several minutes, possibly hours. I simply don't feel I should say excuse me every few seconds for that duration in time. Am I crazy?.... okay I know I'm crazy, but I mean in regards to this particular opinion :P

AmandaStretch said...


Emily - No. I don't think so. :)

Myrna said...

I wouldn't want to eat on the diaper-looking thing, and that is all I have to say.