Friday, July 25, 2008

Wide Open Spaces

The oldest daughter of a friend is probably moving out soon, to go to college, and my friend is curious about the experience of others - when/why the moved, if they ever moved back in, etc.

I moved out the first time for my freshman year of college, and lived in the dorms. Deciding to save money, I stayed home for the next two years (except the two months I was in London for study abroad). It was mostly good, but sometimes finding a balance between adult and child was difficult for all of us. Once I graduated in April (and my really awful year started), I moved in with friends in south Orem in September, the same month I started my first post-college job. Moved here to DC ten months later. It's been two years since then.

My really awful year was, well, just that, and having my parents close by was really good for me, but being on my own really helped me learn a lot. I've learned even more being across the country. I was just telling my mom again last week that I never, ever plan on living at home again, barring any absolutely extreme circumstances, and she completely agrees.

One friend told how when she met her husband " he had recently moved back to his parents due to a failed engagement. They had an entire apartment in the their Avenues (a wealthy SLC neighborhood) home that was empty, and a little hole of a bedroom in the basement - but he was sleeping on a cot next to the washing machine, and paying rent. Wise mother."

There comes a time in everyone's life where they need to learn to spread their wings and fly. Far be it from me to say when anyone else's time is, but I'm glad I found mine. The air is nice up here.

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chosha said...

Moving home after being out (when I quit work to go to university) was really hard. Every going there on holiday now has its moments. But then when I went overseas for a few years and couldn't see my folks at all, I was glad I'd had that time with them.

Doesn't make me want to be there now. :)